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Bonding through Spiritual Intimacy Conversations

Updated: May 12, 2022

Are you looking to bond with your partner? There are many ways to bond with your partner and one of those ways is through deep, intimate conversations. If you and your partner are believers in Christ, this may be just the tool for you and your partner to bond!

Below you will see 12 guided questions to use to facilitate an intimate spiritual conversation with your partner. These questions are meant to be a place to start. The questions are in no particular order; you can skip around and select the questions that are best suited for you and your partner. You are also encouraged to come up with your own questions during this conversation! The overall aim of this list of questions is to help partners grow closer and more intimate by sharing your spiritual journeys and experiences. These questions may be a good topic for date night. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to these questions, they are not meant to see who is more or less spiritual, but rather create a better understanding of you and your partners’ spiritual journeys which may have started before you met and will hopefully continue into the future together in a shared way.

  1. What is the time in your life when you were closest to God? What happened?

  2. Talk about a time in your life when you experienced God’s grace.

  3. What does the sacrifice of Christ on the cross mean in your life?

  4. Why do you think that marriage is considered holy?

  5. What is God doing in your life right now?

  6. What aspects of worship services most encourage your spiritual life?

  7. If Jesus were to sit down with you, what would you like to hear? What would you say?

  8. When you have done something wrong, what do you imagine God thinking?

  9. What spiritual song or hymn is your favorite? Why?

  10. Talk about something you have read that changed the way you think about your faith, God or yourself (either in the Bible or other books).

  11. When you are forgiven by God, how do you experience that?

  12. What character in the Bible do you most appreciate and why?

I hope these questions were helpful in opening up and bonding with your partner through faith, listening, honesty, and vulnerability. Research shows that sharing spiritual experiences that have not previously been shared can improve a couples’ bond with each other and that is my specific hope for you and your partner! If you found these questions helpful, feel free to share them with a friend!


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