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They Are Us – A Call to Empathy

Updated: May 12, 2022

One of the things that seem to get lost as we navigate through this unique period in the nation’s history, or really at any given time, is we are more than what we do. It is easy to take for granted that the first responder – EMT, nurse,as well as front-line individuals – food service employee, delivery drivers are here for our convenience. As we use and benefit from their services, they fade into insignificance; their value only based on our momentary need. We fail to realize that the nurse is a father, the doctor a wife, the delivery driver a brother or sister. They share our concerns regarding job security, protecting their health, and providing for their families. They are not abstract figures that are immune to the same things that weigh and wear us down psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically. There is no special place for the nurse that becomes ill; there are no special mortgage loans for the delivery driver; there are no special grocery stores for the EMT. Let us stop to consider that the person that serves us in these unprecedented times has a name, a family, hopes, dreams, and fears. Let us pause to recognize that while these individuals serve their communities, they are our family members, neighbors, and church members. Let us remember that as they deliver our orders, bag our groceries, and check our temperature, they too get hungry, tired, become ill, and sometimes may pass away. Let’s remember that while we socially distance, they also may be going home alone without someone to care for them when they arrive at an empty apartment. Let us remember that they are a mirror of our own selves, mutually sharing in our experiences of both good and bad times. May we respond to them with the same dignity, respect, and concern we desire from them as they respond to our needs.

If you feel that you are struggling with any kind of emotional or behavioral health problems and are in need of therapy services please do not hesitate to contact the PSC and schedule an appointment. Stay tuned for a new post next week!

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