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Our specialty clinics offer therapeutic services tailored to specific presenting concerns, provided by student clinicians with specialized training in that area. 

Group Clinic

The Group Clinic provides a variety of psychotherapy groups focused on addressing specific topic areas, such as emotion regulation skills, along with broader relational concerns. 
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For more information on the Group Clinic, please click here.

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Hope Couples Clinic

The HOPE Couples Clinic offers couples with the support and knowledge needed to reach their relationship goals. 

For more information on the HOPE Couples Clinic, please click here.

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Multicultural Clinic

The Multicultural Clinic offers peer supervision to students in their second, third, and fourth years of the program desiring more focused training on working with intersectionality, diversity variables, biases, and prejudices through the lens of identity development and cultural humility.  Peer supervisors are students who have either previously worked as TAs for the PsyD Multicultural Course, presented on culturally-relevant presentations under AMIDA, and/or have demonstrated inquisitive cultural aptitude through the APA competency benchmark of reflective self-practice.  Peer supervisors work directly with Cassandra D. Page, PsyD, Director of the PSC and Chair of the Diversity Committee in the PsyD program. 
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